Advanced Algebra 2

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This page has supplemental links to our text book concepts for you to explore!

Expand Your Knowledge
NECAP Review
How to use Google Docs to graph data and print

Regression Calculator
Football Journal
H1N1 Journal - Growth Model
How To Track the Spread
  • Using Dollar Bills
  • Using Facebook
Binomial Expansion
Chapter 1 & 2
Modeling Hurricane Data:
Chapter 3 - (x,y,z) Graphing
Chapter 4 - 3D linkMatrices in Other Dimensions
Matrices in Code Breaking
Chapter 5 - Factoring

Chapter 5 - Exponents

You Tube Rap:
Chapter 6 - Quadratics
Baseball Homeruns in MLB
Understanding Motion
Hit the Target
Football Throw
Trajectories in Motion

Other Schools Doing Our Project

Using Music in Educational Projects
Document for understanding the copyright rules for using music for educational projects:

Students may use copyrighted songs if:

1) they have purchased it legally

2) They do not use more than 30 seconds or 10% of the song (which ever is less).

Copyright free link but must be sited in the credits.
Soccer Ball

Volley Ball

Football Throw